Passion is a priority at Airfield. It does not only present one’s own personality but above all distinctive lifestyle….
"Crea Concept - The creative edge..."
Established in Italy in 1970 (hence its logo) by entrepreneur Sergio Tegon. His main focus is on fine fabrics, exquisite workmanship, and a special attention to detail giving his garments characteristics of unmatched wearability.

The Elisa Cavaletti label speaks of an unmistakable Italian flare and lifestyle in everyone who wears it.  You'lll certainly find the authentic "Made in Italy" tag on every garment! The creativity of Daniela Dallavalle was put into production in 1997 with the help of her life partner and work colleague Giuliano Cavaletti.  Come and see what this year's collections have to offer.

Sportalm breathes the Kitzbühel way of life into their clothing.  Within Kitzbühel, a small town of just over 8,000 with a world-renowned ski resort, resides Austrian desiner Sportalm.

"...distinctive clothing with a love of detail, clothing of the highest quality which is authentic and exclusively manufactured in Europe... Simply put, whoever wears Sportalm needs no disguise..."